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There are many methods people use to not only shed of excess weight, but also to look healthy, fitting, and attracting. Lifestyle, exercises, and the type of diet one takes are some of the common factors that determine the body size and the rate of calories burning and hence body weight gain or loss. Of all these ways, the Venus Factor seems to be the most preferred since apart from helping women to lose some weight, it also helps them to maintain a healthy, fitting, and attracting body.

Some Tips about the Venus Factor

cupcake-252805_640Developed by the fitness professional John Barbas, Venus Factor is a nutritional and fitness plan that aims at maintaining a healthy and fitting body weight by increasing body metabolism. Unlike other programs, one can choose the body parts like arms, thighs, tummies and butts they want to minimize. One way of attaining and maintaining the shape a person may be dying for is through maintaining the Venus index of the body.

If the body Venus index is higher than the recommended level, one should eat healthy calories free food and do some exercises per day according to this program. If the index level is lower, the program can also guide on how to gain some weight.

How this program works

The rate of body metabolism is one of the main factors that determine how human body burns excess fatty cells and turns them to useful energy. However, to maintain metabolism at high levels and hence facilitate weight loss, the level of hormone Leptin in the body must also be high. The low levels of Liptin hormone slow down the body metabolism that in turn reduces the rate at which the body burns fats. Although the Venus factor is specifically for women, studies show that women are more resistant to Leptin. The program guides them to take food high in proteins a number of times per day and to do some cardio exercises to increase metabolism. It is much better to eat small many meals per day than taking the same amount at once.

cake-328923_640Unlike other weight loss programs, gym equipments are not a must in this program. In addition, one does not require stopping eating their favourite foods. The program has easy to follow guide on the amount of different types of food one should take. After all the exercises, it is highly recommended for one to take about eight glasses of pure water each day since it does not only increase metabolism, but it does not contain any calories. Any woman who follows these simple steps will not only lose weight, but also gain and maintain an attractive, feminine, and curvy body shape she is just dying to have.

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