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              Thank you for visiting the Strategic Metals Ltd website. We hope we are able to be of   

            help to you and your company.     


            Strategic Metals Ltd


            The Company is a global supplier, based in the United Kingdom, of an extremely diverse range of

            metals which are either in stock, or can be supplied within a reasonable time.


           These metals include


      v Resistance welding materials.

      v Tungsten products including copper tungsten and tungsten carbide.

      v Silver tungsten, silver- tungsten- carbide, and silver- nickel.

      v Beryllium Copper products.

      v Molybdenum products including furnace boats.

      v Tantalum and Rhenium products.

      v Niobium products.




      Resistance Welding Materials


      §  Copper-chrome-zirconium    ( RWMA Class 2  BS4577 A/2/2 – M328)

      §  Copper-cobalt-beryllium        ( RWMA Class 3  BS4577 A/3/1 – M100)

      §  Copper-beryllium2                 ( RWMA Class 4   BS4577 A/4/2)


      The above materials can be supplied in round, square or rectangular form. A number of sizes are held in stock or the material can be supplied to order within reasonable delivery times.


      Strategic Metals can also provide welding electrodes and welding wheels.


      Copper-tungsten products


      This is a sintered product and can be supplied in various grades. The standard product is 75/25% Tungsten-Copper (equivalent to Elkonite 20W3) although other compositions are available as well as all grades of Elkonite. The material is available in rod, plate and cut pieces.


      Silver-tungsten products


      Various grades of silver-tungsten, silver-tungsten-carbide and silver-nickel are available.


      Beryllium Copper


      All grades and tempers are available in rod, strip or plate form. Applications include heat tolerant moulds for plastic injection systems, galling resistant wear plates and rub strips, water cooled chill plates for computer memory devices as well as a variety of other applications.


      Tungsten Products


      §  90% W-Ni-Cu or Fe         Density 17.0 g/cm3

      §  93% W-Ni-Cu or Fe         Density 17.6 g/cm3

      §  95% W-Ni-Cu or Fe         Density 18.0 g/cm3

      §  97% W-Ni-Cu or Fe         Density 18.5 g/cm3

      §  90% W-Ni-Fe-Mo             Density 17.3 g/cm3    (Anviloy)


      The above tungsten alloys are available in rod, plate or as fully machined components.


      Applications for the above materials include aerospace and defence, radiation shielding, ballast and balancing weights, extrusion dies, die casting components and rivet reaction blocks.


      Pure tungsten: This material is available as tungsten wire, rod, plate or pieces. Tungsten tubes can also be supplied.


      Pure tungsten powder:  We can supply various particle sizes.


      All grades and forms of tungsten-carbide are also available.


      Molybdenum Products


      A range of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys in the form of wire, rod, tube or sheet are held in stock or can be supplied to order. We also manufacture molybdenum furnace boats and spun molybdenum components. Molybdenum and molybdenum disulphide powder can also be supplied in various grades.


      Tantalum and Rhenium


      All forms of tantalum and rhenium including wire, sheet, pellets, and powder can be supplied.


      Tantalum sputtering targets as well as targets in other materials either machined or un-machined are available within reasonable delivery times. Please e-mail or fax drawings for a quotation.




      Available in the form of niobium powder, wire,  plate or pieces.



      Please contact us for further information, or a quotation on any of the above products by:


      E-mail : -     sales@www.controlbae.org

      Phone:-    +44 (0) 1442 380212


      Fax: -       +44 (0) 1442 380526


      Mobile:-   +44 (0) 776 414 9634


      If your enquiry is by e-mail and your address ends in .com please advise in which country you are located so that we may quote in the appropriate currency.


      We are happy to offer a quotation in Pounds Sterling, Euros, or US Dollars.


      Head Office:


      Strategic Metals Ltd

      Unit 14, CR Bates Industrial Estate

      Wycombe Road



      HP14 3PD

      United Kingdom







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